A Sunday to Remember

October 28, 2015  •  4 Comments

So this isn't our wedding day.  In fact, these pictures were not even taken on our wedding weekend.

My wife Andrea and I were sitting around this past fine Sunday afternoon lamenting the fact that our wedding had past us by so quickly.  The old adage is very much true, your wedding does happen in an instant.  In one instance you're putting on your suit or wedding dress and the next the entire day and evening passes you by.  Anyone who doubts Einstein's theory of relativity only needs to marry the love of their lives to realize how quickly time can pass.

So the question becomes, why are we dressed in our finest a week later?  One of the benefits of city living is that urbanites experience fall colours much later than the rest of the province.  We figured, why not take advantage, as the day was warm and sunny and the colours were splendid.  I organized my gear, we threw on our wedding attire, and we spent a half hour pretending our wedding had not already passed.  

Since our wedding took place at Cobble Beach golf course, which is located several hours north of Toronto, we missed out on the fall colours.  While the wedding venue and location was beautiful, we really wanted to take advantage of the last few days of fall colours the city was providing.  



Aunt Trish(non-registered)
Beautiful pictures,love the fall colors. Your bride looks lovely just like on your wedding day. You are a handsome groom. Happy to be part of your big day. Love you both xo
Anne Marie Lehn-Kurt(non-registered)
Your wedding at Cobble Beach was beautiful, but these pictures are just as beautiful and you both look so much warmer.

What a good looking couple!

Welcome to the family Andrew.
I like everything about this.
Aunt Mary(non-registered)
Beautiful pictures. And a great idea to prolong the happiness of your wedding day!
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